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something really rad will appear here once i become the ultimate sailor soldier

!!On behalf of the moon, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you!!

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im going off for the night because i cannot stay here longer

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Anonymous: my baby boy, remember what i told you about disobeying?

this is the only time i will be replying to one of your messages and since it is a recent one, i hope you will see this reply-

just fucking stop. i have kept up with it for around three to four months and i cannot tolerate it anymore. you make me feel extremely disgusted and uncomfortable, and the other messages you send trigger panic attacks. You can stop now, it’s not fun and it never was. There are plenty of boys who wish to be owned by a daddy so please direct your ass to them. I am sure you will get a better response. You honestly scare the fuck out of me, but if you don’t stop then i will not hesitate to ruin you.

notinbxgbang only be sorry if u snuggled me without my letting u so it is all right u are safe

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notinbxgbang okay but u have a time limit and that is no more than 10 seconds

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rokymountain it is not ur fault but thank you!!! yes hopefully i can find a way to stop this

notinbxgbang yes hello i hope u missed me bc i did miss u too-

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rokymountain it has been going on for a few months and i even went on a hiatus some time ago but that never stopped them sighs

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sejoonatu i wish i could tell u a clear answer but that person keeps creating a new account every time i block their other one which they soon delete and if not they send me anon messages but i do not reply to those-

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someone is harassing me and it makes me not want to log in anymore why are people being extremely shitty in krp

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yesterday was definitely not my day but hopefully today it is going to be different

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i am going to rest a little goodbye

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