kim byungjoo

something really rad will appear here once i become the ultimate sailor soldier

!!On behalf of the moon, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you!!

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how to sneeze by bjoo

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i cannot believe i still have followers that makes me very content but there is also an increase in bjoo roleplayers and i feel threatened

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im going off for the night because i cannot stay here longer

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notinbxgbang only be sorry if u snuggled me without my letting u so it is all right u are safe

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notinbxgbang okay but u have a time limit and that is no more than 10 seconds

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rokymountain it is not ur fault but thank you!!! yes hopefully i can find a way to stop this

notinbxgbang yes hello i hope u missed me bc i did miss u too-

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